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Twitter for THE REAL, Facebook for the FANTASY !

BREAKING NEWS !! There is a MAJOR difference between Facebook and Twitter !! All social networks aren’t created equal and there is certainly a distinct difference between the content shared on Twitter vs. content shared on Facebook. This has been of particular noteworthiness over the past week as Ferguson, Missouri has resembled a scene in Palestine, Baghdad, or elsewhere in the Middle East following the police shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. As the city of Ferguson has been ablaze with unrest as outraged individuals have taken to the streets to protest and rebel, Twitter has equally been ablaze with second by second REAL Breaking News updates from people in the streets, protesters, anarchists, detractors, mainstream media types, and millions of people globally who have been captivated by this tragic event and the subsequent response. Twitter saves its best work for times such as this, when the voice of the people must be heard directly from the people on the ground without first going through the mass mainstream media filter. The Arab Spring, the latest Israeli-Palestine conflict, and the Ferguson Awakening, are but a few examples of the power of Twitter for BREAKING NEWS events.

Twitter ABLAZE with the Ferguson Awakening !

Meanwhile, in that same time period, Facebook has been all ablaze with IceBucketChallenge posts. Not to detract from the worthy cause that is raising money to fight ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but there is and always has been a clear difference in the content people are willing to share on Facebook versus what they openly share on Twitter. Over the past week on Facebook, Ferguson stories have been shared an average of 256 times versus 2,106 times for IceBucketChallenge stories, according to SimpleReach, a social media analytics company. Over that same time period, 3.6 million Ferguson related tweets were sent in comparison to 2.3 million IceBucketChallenge tweets. So as you can see, there is a clear distinction between content people share on Twitter versus what they share on Facebook, and there are clear reasons why.

The most obvious reason why is that there is a clear distinction between who we call our “friends” on Facebook and our “followers” on Twitter. We are much more likely to know IN-PERSON our Facebook friends versus our Twitter followers. We tend to be more cautious with what we share and discuss with people who we ACTUALLY know versus complete strangers who began following each other on Twitter once they both responded to the latest trending topic of the day. With hot-button, political, controversial, divisive issues, we tend to not want to invite Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephews, and Coworkers into how our mind works and our views on these issues, so many tend to not discuss this on Facebook. Conversely, we tend to not give 2 damns what @datnerduluv_ , @skaterboi361, and @drizzlemae210 think about your takes on Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, ObamaCare, Palestine-Israel, and other issues which can get pretty divisive pretty darn fast. Twitter is for speaking your mind UNFILTERED whereas Facebook tends to be a Fantasyland of vacation photos from Greece, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, cute puppy pics, and other happy times. Facebook tends to be the safe zone, therefore you tend to not get the REAL DEAL Holyfield on how people think.

Not only is Facebook often self-censored but by Facebook’s own secret sauce algorithm that determines what you can see when, that adds to the fantasy. If you think that your Facebook newsfeed is merely a chronological list of posts made by all your friends in a nice meaningful sequence, just know that you are DRASTICALLY wrong. By some top secret, KFC-original-recipe, FortKnox-sealed algorithm, Facebook determines what you see, when, by whom. Nobody but Zuckerberg himself knows that secret but it limits the content that we see on Facebook. Add to that the troubling report a few months ago, that Facebook “experimented” with a select group of thousands of users to see if they could manipulate their mood by only presenting them with happy, sad, or inspirational stories. So yes, it appears that if Facebook makes up their mind to say, “We are going to piss a whole buncha people off about the police by littering their feeds with stories on police brutality”, they allegedly have the capability to do that. NO, THAT’S NOT SCARY AT ALL !!

Facebook and Twitter have their place in our lives and of course so do other networks such as LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is primarily the place we interact with colleagues and professional contacts, Facebook tends to be more social, and Twitter is … well Twitter is REAL, RAW, UNCUT, AND UNCENSORED !! In the event of Breaking News, fast moving stories such as what is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, THE REAL DEAL is what we crave and this is where Twitter SHINES !!

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NSA Intercepts Evidence of Obama, Beyonce, Shakira Love Triangle

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tricked by a RIDICULOUS headline such as the one above while browsing through shared stories on your social media news feeds ! Well since I refuse to believe that I’m the only sucker alive, I can see a few of you out there with your hands raised high in the air. Perhaps the headline wasn’t as ridiculous as this one, but with the growing trend of fake news satirical sites that surface every day, it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary for fake news to be mistaken for real news when browsing through the plethora of news stories shared by contributors on your various social networks. Recognizing this to be a potential problem, here comes Facebook to the rescue.

Facebook [SATIRE] tag will help separate real from fake news

By popular demand, Facebook is now testing out a feature that will mark stories from popular fake news sites such as The Onion and The Daily Currant with a [SATIRE] tag to clearly distinguish real news from fake news. In the information overload times in which we live where we are inundated with a slew of news around the clock, it can become challenging to know what is real news and what is satire/fake. The rush to be FIRST versus CORRECT also complicates this matter. In fact, a Washington Post journalist picked up a fake news story about Sarah Palin joining Al Jazeera as a commentator (yeah, try that one on for size) and reported it as fact, forcing the newspaper to have to post a correction and an apology. Though Facebook has become pretty famous for sneaking in new features that everybody hates but are forced to live with, this is one move that I applaud in our quest to distinguish the real deal news from the impostor silicone implants !!

Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, the headline of this article is without a doubt categorically 1,000,000% FALSE so if you decide to share this story, do your followers a solid favor and tag it “[SATIRE]” before they flip their wigs prior to even reading the article !!

Have you ever been fooled by a fake news story ? What was it ? Let’s discuss …