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Galaxy issues Ice Bucket Challenge to iPhone

Well, as if every politician, celebrity, and Joe Schmoe alive throwing buckets of ice water over their heads in the viral charitable craze “The Ice Bucket Challenge” wasn’t enough, now we’ve got inanimate objects throwing their hat into the ring. In what I’d call a work of Marketing Genius to both capitalize on the hottest Internet trend today as well as emphasize one of your product’s core features, the Samsung Galaxy S5 completed then reissued the first of its kind Ice Bucket Challenge between cell phones. Yes, you heard correctly, in a recent YouTube video the Galaxy S5 first had a cup of ice water dumped all over it and issued a similar challenge to the iPhone.


Being waterproof is one of the big things Samsung likes to tout as a key differentiator between the S5 and the iPhone. How essential a feature this is to have on a phone is arguable, but certainly each of us has that one friend we know who’s dropped their phone in the toilet in a drunken stupor. With the Galaxy being a much wider phone, I’d assume they probably also have  a larger percentage of toilet phone droppers. In any case, check out the challenge below. Will Apple accept ? Doubtful since they rarely if ever engage competitors publicly, but here’s to another great episode in the Galaxy vs. iPhone Phone Wars.

Is the water proof feature essential for you as phone buyer ?


iPhone vs. Galaxy CEASEFIRE !!

Ok, ok, ok !! It’s time to call a truce on the Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy smartphone wars that have developed among their most avid supporters. Here’s the bottomline. Both phones are remarkable pieces of technology and Apple, Samsung, and Google (the company behind the Android platform on which the Galaxy is built) are all more than reputable technology companies with a long track record of innovation. It’s time to call a truce because supporters of both phones are pretty solidly locked into their position. I am hard pressed to think of a technology company with a more rabid following than Apple, so the most loyal devotees of the iPhone aren’t switching over to something new anywhere in the near future. Likewise, as many fans (or “fanboys” as they are often mockingly called) as Apple has they have twice as many haters, so when Samsung came along with the Galaxy to bring some serious competition to the market that Apple created and dominated, champagne bottles were popping all over the world except in Cupertino, California, home to the technology juggernaut that is Apple. A serious legitimate and innovative competitor had arrived.

iPhone vs. Galaxy WAR !!

It’s time to call a truce because persuasion in either direction is unlikely to happen. The seamless integration and simplicity of use of the iPhone, iPad, and iEverything products is a pretty convincing reason why many won’t even consider learning how to spell g.a.l.a.x.y. much less consider it as an alternative. Galaxy users will continue to sing the praises of their rich set of features like “looking away to stop a video from playing” and other bells and whistles they claim they can’t live without. As arguable as that may be, those minds aren’t changing any time soon.

I respect both companies, I respect their innovative spirit, I respect the spirit of competition that has resulted in increasingly better products, and I respect the friendly competitive banter that has developed among friends and family in this debate. I had no respect for Blackberry as a competitor and felt they were a dying breed with subpar technology as far back in the day when I opted for the Samsung Blackjack instead of the Whackberry Crackberry Blackberry. That competition with Apple was over before it even really started. Now, however, Samsung poses a legitimate competitive threat to Apple. Though I don’t believe that there will be a clear winner and loser, as I don’t believe this to be a zero sum game, I believe this intense competition is good for the industry and GREAT for us as customers. Now put away your weapons and CEASE FIRE !!

So are you TeamiPhone or TeamGalaxy ?