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VIDEO: A Speaker that Floats in Mid-Air … YES, REALLY !!

Add this to the category of “WHY THE HELL NOT ?”. If Jesus walked on water, why can’t my speaker blast my favorite tunes while floating in mid-air ? Yeah, I know you never thought of it either nor would you put this up there with air and water on the needs and must-have list. However, you gotta admit, THAT IS PRETTY DAMN COOL !! A company called Om Audio ┬áhas developed what I believe to be the world’s first levitating speaker !! Yes, you heard me, a bluetooth speaker that FLOATS IN MID-AIR as you listen. Though I haven’t heard the sound quality for myself to see if it’s worth the $179 price tag, but SERIOUSLY, does it matter ? If you break out a speaker that levitates and floats in mid-air at your next house party, be assured that it won’t matter if you ran out of food and drinks, all EVERYONE will be talking about the next day will be that AWESOME party they went to where a guy/girl broke out a speaker that floated in mid-air. Yeah, YOU will be that guy/girl. Check out the awesome video below !! Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.