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R.I.P. Wallet, Here comes ApplePay

A new day enabled by mobile pay …

In these mobile times in which we now live, it is no surprise that in a recent study, more people stated that if running late after leaving home, they would turn back home to grab their cell phones as compared to their wallets. Now, with the recent introduction of ApplePay that enables making purchases DIRECTLY from your mobile phone without the hassle of whipping out cash or credit card, the wallet is on its way to being obsolete.

I kid, of course, kinda, sorta but this type of technology, if widely adopted, has disruptive potential to shake up old industries and revolutionize  business as usual across very many industries.

As with all technologies that disrupt business as usual and shake up how things used to be, there will be tremendous challenges on the road to the wide-scale adoption of mobile pay in general and ApplePay in particular. The adoption rate will likely be slow at first as there must be the right mix of industry leading and influential brands on board as well as a high enough number of their customers demanding the convenience and security of mobile payments to throw out the old and introduce a new way of doing things. As businesses and customers dip their toes into the mobile pay waters, if the water is not too hot and not too cold but “just right” and the process is virtually seamless for both customer and business, then expect that adoption rate to grow linearly at first then rapid exponential growth as time goes by. Very few like to be first in anything, to go against the grain and against convention. For both businesses and consumers, the vast majority are followers. Only the innovators and the top influencers are seated at the mobile pay table today, as all the kinks are being worked out in real time. Expect a flood of businesses and customers to rush to the table, like last call at an “all you can eat” buffet, once it becomes clear the tremendous benefits, convenience, and savings that are enabled minus the primary concerns, with security being at the top of that list.

Certainly we are a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way away from burning our wallets and more than likely that day will never come. Mobile Pay will be added to the list of cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks (assuming you can still find someone who still takes check) as valid forms of payment. The more convenient mechanisms that businesses make available for them to be paid by consumers, the more likely that consumers will make a purchase. Adding Apple Pay to the list of acceptable forms of payment, will ultimately be a win for businesses. You remember that famous American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it” ? Who would’ve known when that slogan first hit the airwaves decades ago, that “it” would instead be referring to these things called “mobile phones”, which had not yet existed in any form of widespread acceptance in those times ? Today, virtually  none of us ever leave home without our mobile phones. Thanks now to ApplePay among many other must-haves, the likelihood that we in fact will NEVER leave home without our mobiles, is pretty much ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERCENT !!

Apple Takeover of Healthcare ? YIKES ?

If your healthcare in the hands of your government scares the crap outta you, how does healthcare in the hands of APPLE connect with you ? Well, as misleading as the statement “healthcare in the hands of your government” was, so too is the statement about Apple being in control of your healthcare. As we anxiously await the launch of the iPhone 6, due out within the next month or so, one of the much talked about and eagerly anticipated features of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 is the all new Apple HealthKit, a platform and app that enables users to keep better track of their personal health and fitness related data.


HealthKit provides a dashboard where users can monitor important health metrics on a daily basis. Various existing health related apps such as Nike+, FitBit, MapMyFitness, etc. will be able to integrate with HealthKit to provide a holistic view of a user’s health-related information such as nutrition, sleep patterns, heart rate, and other pertinent information. Another key aspect of this potentially groundbreaking and industry changing platform is the ability to integrate with Health Institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, etc. and transmit and receive a user’s personal and private health information from recent checkups.

This is more than just another app and represents a major opportunity for Apple as they aim to carve out their piece of the estimated $9 Billion mobile healthcare market. Health related apps have proven to be very popular with consumers and when you consider the fact that the vast majority of consumers are equipped with mobile phones within their pockets and purses throughout all hours of everyday, it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that HealthKit LITERALLY has life-saving potential. As much opportunity as HealthKit represents, it certainly won’t be without its detractors. To have such private, personal, and confidential health related information floating about the mobile stratosphere is sure to spook some people out. As secure and encrypted as the data obviously will have to be, the thought of all information from a recent doctor visit transmitted through cyberspace to your mobile phone is bound to not sit well with many people initially. When Apple enters a new industry, they never tip in quietly. (See personal computers, digital music, mobile phones, and mobile tablets as prime examples). Having now planted their foot firmly in the mobile healthcare market, they are bound to shake up this industry as well.

Does the thought of “health info on your mobile” freak you out a bit ?

Uber for Strippers ? Now THAT is D.I.S.R.U.P.T.I.O.N. !!

Ever been in DIRE need of a stripper but just couldn’t get in touch with that ONE friend who is a walking stripopedia of stripper information from coast to coast ? No ? Me neither but I’m willing to bet many are familiar with this plight. Out of town, bachelor party, you were on stripper duty, and YOU are clueless about the local stripper scene. Well here comes Clover to the rescue. Clover is looking to do to the stripper/escort industry what Uber has successfully done to the taxi cab industry; disrupt it and change business as usual with an innovative touch, a smartphone, and a mobile app. With the simple touch of a button on your smart phone, you too can browse through profiles of nearby strippers, rates, availability, and all the other information needed to hire Cinnamon, Lexus, Mercedes or whatever other made up stage name of an adult entertainer needed to entertain the bachelor party or a boy’s weekend in Vegas or Miami. As humorous as this may be to some, here is a company that identified a need and through their innovative spirit and creativity, answered that all important question that has been the genesis behind so many successful companies, “wouldn’t be nice IF ??”. By asking yourself that question, you too can be on the verge of the next groundbreaking, industry changing idea. Now get your $1 bills together boys and DISRUPT !!


Superstorm Sandy

An Uber Disruption of Business as Usual …

The cab industry was sailing along doing business as usual … and BAM out of nowhere came Uber to disrupt the entire industry by doing an old thing in a new way. Uber, the “request a ride” service that enables anyone with a smartphone to launch an app and summons a ride from one of many nearby Uber drivers using their personal vehicles, is growing in popularity day by day and leaving a big trail of pissed off taxi cab drivers in its wake. Uber, Lyft, and other new companies that operate using a similar business model have totally and completely disrupted the taxi cab industry in ways that will result in permanent change.

I had the opportunity to speak with a taxi driver recently about the sweeping changes that are taking place and the Uber effect (pun intented) that this is happening on his business. As I listened to many of his very legitimate gripes, I could certainly understand his concern but the gripes were largely related to HIS personal loss and the taxicab industry as a whole. I can’t help but empathize with the plight of anyone working in any industry going through drastic change that results in decrease of income and the resultant disruption in quality of life that follows. I’m pretty sure there were some pretty pissed off horse carriage manufacturers and typewriter salesmen as those industries were replaced by newer innovations in technology. However, what ultimately matters most is what is good for CONSUMERS overall. As much as it sucks that many taxi cab drivers will be facing an obvious drop in revenue, “is it ultimately what is best for most consumers ?” is the  only question that truly matters and is what makes every industry thrive.

As a society advances and new technologies, innovations, business models, and entirely new categories of businesses are developed, that creates uncomfortable yet necessary change. As the old saying goes, the only CONSTANT in life is CHANGE. Uber and similar companies have created a change within the taxi cab industry. As city governments and business leaders now wrestle with important questions such as “how do we best offset the possible shrinking of the cab industry ?”, “who is liable in the event of an accident involving an Uber driver driving his/her personal vehicle ?”, “how do we guarantee that Uber drivers have been properly background checked and vetted ?”, and many other pertinent questions, the change taking place in this old established industry is in full speed. Change is never comfortable and as Amazon wrecked shop for brick-and-mortar booksellers and Napster (illegally) and iTunes (legally) decimated the corner CD shops, similar disruptive forces are taking place across numerous industries. It’s hard to argue that much of these changes haven’t resulted in more convenience, more choice, and better prices, which all ultimately speak to what is best for the consumer. Disruption and change aren’t comfortable but they are absolutely necessary for the continued evolution of mankind and of our society.

Have you ever or would you ever use Uber to request a ride from a stranger ?