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NSA Intercepts Evidence of Obama, Beyonce, Shakira Love Triangle

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tricked by a RIDICULOUS headline such as the one above while browsing through shared stories on your social media news feeds ! Well since I refuse to believe that I’m the only sucker alive, I can see a few of you out there with your hands raised high in the air. Perhaps the headline wasn’t as ridiculous as this one, but with the growing trend of fake news satirical sites that surface every day, it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary for fake news to be mistaken for real news when browsing through the plethora of news stories shared by contributors on your various social networks. Recognizing this to be a potential problem, here comes Facebook to the rescue.

Facebook [SATIRE] tag will help separate real from fake news

By popular demand, Facebook is now testing out a feature that will mark stories from popular fake news sites such as The Onion and The Daily Currant with a [SATIRE] tag to clearly distinguish real news from fake news. In the information overload times in which we live where we are inundated with a slew of news around the clock, it can become challenging to know what is real news and what is satire/fake. The rush to be FIRST versus CORRECT also complicates this matter. In fact, a Washington Post journalist picked up a fake news story about Sarah Palin joining Al Jazeera as a commentator (yeah, try that one on for size) and reported it as fact, forcing the newspaper to have to post a correction and an apology. Though Facebook has become pretty famous for sneaking in new features that everybody hates but are forced to live with, this is one move that I applaud in our quest to distinguish the real deal news from the impostor silicone implants !!

Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, the headline of this article is without a doubt categorically 1,000,000% FALSE so if you decide to share this story, do your followers a solid favor and tag it “[SATIRE]” before they flip their wigs prior to even reading the article !!

Have you ever been fooled by a fake news story ? What was it ? Let’s discuss …