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It’s TMZ’s World and We’re Just Living it !!

When Solange launched her Stiletto Attack on JayZ, TMZ broke the video. When Donald Sterling confided in his mistress (WHO DOES THAT ?) with his deepest most heartfelt racist sentiments, TMZ broke the audio. And now, after months of speculating what happened with Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice and his ‘then fiancee’ and ‘now wife’ causing him to drag her limp body off an elevator like roadkill, TMZ just broke the video of the terrible scene on that Atlantic City Casino elevator featuring a left hook to the chin that immediately floored Mrs. Rice.

Ray Rice dragging his fiancee’s lifeless limp body off an elevator

In the case of Donald Sterling, the backlash resulted in a lifetime ban from the NBA and the forced sale of his team, the LA Clippers. As the public viewed what they suspected happened on that elevator with the Rices, the backlash was so swift and wide, that the Ravens quickly voided Rice’s contract and the NFL, trying to save face after a weak 2 game suspension prior, suspended him indefinitely. As for the JayZ, Solange, Beyonce elevator incident, OF COURSE nothing happened. It was The Carter’s world long before it belonged to TMZ !!

So here is what there is to conclude. If there is a story to be gotten, TMZ WILL get it it. Whether you like it or not. Undoubtedly, they would’ve solved the murders of the Notorius B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. if only the media organization had existed in the mid-late 1990s. To every celebrity, actor, athlete, or musician, the dreaded TMZ incident must strike a deep sense of fear as the go about their formerly private lives. To the average Joe Blow or Mary Snow who has yet to reap the price of fame, we are safe … for now.

The days of privacy for celebrity and non-celebrity alike are long gone. Everywhere we go, we will likely be in area with roughly 90+% cellphone coverage, all equipped with cameras and video recorders. We are ALL 1 bad mistake from the dreaded TMZ frontpage “feature”, if only they cared about our puny little lives. With an army of TMZ fulltimers equipped with cameras and a milion more amateur photographers looking to reap a big TMZ payday, we are all subject to the whim of TMZ in a privacy-less world. Our cellphones track our every movement with detailed GPS coordinates. Surveillance cameras track our activity at gas stations, malls, street corners, and corner stores. Highway tollroads track the movement of our vehicles.  When we decided that we were going to live in an era of such rapid technological development and reap the many benefits, unfortunately one of the things that we also gave up was our privacy.

The TMZ World in which we now live is a world where privacy is a thing of the past. Whether in our proudest or darkest moments, we are but a few clicks and keystrokes away from our activities being broadcasted from south Carolina to the South Sudan. It is a reality of the times in which we live. For the vast majority of us who are cursed with lack of wealth but blessed enough to not have TMZ give 2 licks about what we do in our daily lives, this is less of a concern. For those that gloss the covers of major national publications who live under a perpetual microscope, and are blessed with the dollars but cursed with the scrutiny of fame, the TMZ World continues to be the bane of their existence. Oh well, it’s the price of fame in today’s world. Give me the money, you can keep the fame.

Would you trade your middle class status and privacy for wealth and 24/7/365 scrutiny ?